Foum El Oued Technopole

A city of knowledge and innovation to benefit the southern regions.

The Phosboucraâ Foundation has initiated an important city planning project: the Foum El Oued Technopole.

It is a 126 ha city of learning to be built 18 km from Laâyoune that requires a MAD 2 billion dollar investment, MAD 655 million of which (100% funded by OCP) will be spent on the first phase. The Technopole, both in its design and as its mission, incorporates the territorial specificities of the region and of sub-Saharan countries. The construction of this project will create 1.8 million person days of work and 1,200 permanent jobs for its operation.

The Technopole will include:

  • A training and research cluster focusing on themes related to the Saharan environment
  • Support facilities for regional economic development (business incubator, business center, etc.
  • Cultural facilities (museum, commercial and artisan village, etc.)
  • Social and environmental facilities (health, hospitality, leisure, and conservation of the Foum El Oued coastline)

This project translates the desire of the Phosboucraâ Foundation into a contribution to the sustainable development of the southern regions and to the well-being of the local populations. It aims to:

  • Promote socio-economic dynamism;
  • Stimulate the local economy by co-building with local partners, encouraging investment, and creating jobs;
  • Foster the protection and promotion of the local heritage, of culture, and of the emergence of eco-tourism.